Welcome to the new oranged web page. After more than 5 years the web page has been updated and ready to start taking its place amongst the worlds billion other useless web pages. Over the next few months this web page will be transformed into a place that people may actually want to visit. It will include random product reviews, general open source tips and tricks, and many other bits of random ‘stuff’.

Why you may ask? The answer is simple, often its hard to find reviews for products which are not main stream, or have not had long term testing.. In my view it is one thing to do a quick product review, maybe use the item for a few hours or a weekend.. it is an entirely different story to review a product over months or years and provide that feedback.

Recently I have made public a number of analyst reports that I have written regarding the hosting and managed services industry in Australia. The number of articles will increase over time as I remove confidential information from the originals to make them suitable to publish. If you have any issues with any content please feel free to hit the contact form on this web page.

When will this happen? Most of this transformation will happen slowly over the next few months so stay tuned for the future…