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MSR Alpine 2 Cookset

Monday, December 13th, 2010

MSR Alpine 2 Cookset

MSR Alpine 2 Cook set

MSR Alpine 2 Cook set

Over the years I have tried many different cook sets for camping and still own many of them in pretty good condition. However as I’ve gotten older and started to do more advanced camp cooking I’ve needed something a little more from my cook set. That is where the MSR Alpine range come into the picture. Initially when I purchased my set there was only one product in the range, a two pot set which was suitable for cooking some pretty advanced meals by camp standards. Since then however the range has been extended to include a 4 pot set which I have not yet tested or played with. The reason that the MSR products stood out from the crowd was simple, it was stainless steel. Now if your doing an expedition and you need to have something that is going to be light weight then stainless products are probably pretty low on your list of must have’s. However if you want something that is robust and won’t melt then stainless is the only way to go. When purchasing the kit I wanted to get something that was both stainless and did not come with a non-stick coating. The reason behind that decision was to do with the need to use the set on both stoves and in hardwood fires which I had seen get hot enough to melt the non-stick coating off other cook sets. Not something you want to have happen when you have had a hard days walk and all you want to do is eat. (Unless of course you enjoy eating teflon).

What is it?

The Alpine 2 Cookset is a multi-piece set used for camp cooking. It includes

  • 1.5 Litre Pot
  • 2 Litre Pot
  • Multi-purpose Lid that can be used as a Plate.
  • Pot Handle
  • Pot handler
  • Stuff Sack

All of the pots and lids come in a nice polished stainless steel look which is very tarnish resistant. The pot handler is made from lightweight aluminium . The stuff sack is made out of lightweight nylon. All together the pots all fit into the 2 litre pot which makes it easy to fit into your hiking bag with a minimal amount of rattling. I personally find it ideal to place other goodies inside the pot to save space. All in the kit weighs less than 1 kilo.


I’ve been using the cook set for the last 10 years on and off depending on where and what activities I am engaged in at the time. I tend to use the Alpine cook set when ever there is a chance that I be cooking on an open fire. The brilliance of this set is that its so easy to pack away and keep clean, there are no nasty edges to catch food and grime. Generally speaking having two pots means that the variety of food and ease of preparation makes it an invaluable accessory. One of the problems I do have though is when cooking on an open fire with the 1.5 litre pot the lid doesn’t not fit as tightly which means there is a smoky taste to the food or if the fire is very ashy a nice ash texture is added to the food. Using this pot set I have cooked everything from Pork Chops to slow cook stews with minimal effort. It all comes down to what your willing to carry.When cooking on a fuel stove there is a copper ring extension which slots around the pots and reduces the time-to-boil etc by a significant margin. It is an excellent accessory for anyone who is looking to save fuel on long trips.

When cooking on our Dragonfly stove we have found that the two match up perfectly with a really good balance of size to weight. The cook times are great and its rare to burn food to the bottom of the pans thanks to the adjustable nature of the stove.


The durability of the kit is amazing, I’ve used the set in some pretty rough places for some extended periods of time with the set looking almost new. The quality of the material and the attention to detail that MSR have shown when designing the kit show that they really know what they are doing. It seems that more and more the variety of camp cooking gear is outsourced to companies that really don’t understand the diverse range of needs that people have. In this area MSR have really shown they know what they are doing with a wide variety of sets to account for a variety of needs. In this case the stainless construction is perfect for heavy duty expeditions.


Overall I recommend the MSR Alpine 2 cook set to anyone who has the need for a heavy duty light weight camp cook set. The durability in our case has been exceptional and I really can not find any faults with this set. Two pieces of advice I will give anyone who is thinking about buying this set.

  1. Purchase the copper attachment to save fuel and time when cooking. The weight gain is marginal given the benefits provided.
  2. Ensure you have a small tie strap if you don’t take the stuff stack it keeps the kit together nicely.

Construction: ★★★★★ 

Durability: ★★★★★ 

Weight: ★★★¾☆ 

Overall: ★★★★½