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Nimbie NB12 compared to Cube I

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Nimbie NB12 compared to Cube I

Entry level automated standalone disc duplicators – Single drive devices with hard discs.

I’m confused. I stared looking at the CopyBlast Cube 1 (distributed in Australia by Region4) and I came across another ‘Cube 1’ and still another using different brands? So starting off at the beginning on the CopyBlast Cube 1 – This is a single drive automated CD/DVD copier. It can take up to 25 blank discs to be burned in a single pass. Currenly published $999.00 RRP. I also found (with the help of Google) a Vinpower Cube and an Evocept Cube… I guess there is one manufacturer and some number of companies who market the same product as their own. So assuming all these brands are the same Cube 1.

Comparison table

Product Nimbie Standalone Cube 1
Model NB12 ECB0801BN
Make Datatronics / Acronova Evocept / Vinpower

Nimbie NB12

Cube 1 disc duplicator

Movie Movie Movie
Description Standalone automated CD/DVD copier with hard disc and single drive optionally also supports Blu-ray
# discs
100 25
Max Session Unlimited 25
Auto Detection Yes Yes
Throughput CD
17/hour 21/hour
Throughput DVD
(16X 2.5GB)
14/hour 11/hour
Errors on Burn Ejects disc to ‘bad’ continues burning ?
Size 19 x 21 x 39cm 22 x 23 x 40cm
(when operating)
19 x 54 approx 22 x 61 approx
Weight 3.0Kg 8.6Kg
Robotics Vertical/Gravity
Traditional Arm
Warranty PCX Pty Ltd 12 months RTB Region4 Pty Ltd 12 months RTB


While both copiers are essentially the same, there are significant differences:

Pros Cons
Nimbie is simple, faster, lighter & smaller. It can do much more work without human intervention. Nimbie does not support saving specific masters to the hard disc
Cube 1 has more flex with regards to management of the hard disc images Cube 1 has an unattended limit of 25 discs


Unattended – The number of discs that can be burned without human intervention
Auto Detection – Multi-Master Recognition Technology (MMRT): Can load multiple masters multiple duplication jobs in succession.
Max Session – The number of discs that may be burned in one pass. Nimbie- you can add more blank discs ‘on the fly’ so it just keeps burning. The cube should be stopped to add another 25 discs.


Vinpower pics: VinPower Cube 1

Acronova pics: Acronova Nimbie NB12 Standalone