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Hilleberg Nallo 2 GT

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Hilleberg Nallo 2 GT Review

It’s often hard to recall what draws people to a particular product, it could be the style, features, functions or any variety of other objectives. In our case we had been living in the United Kingdom for around 6 months, it was starting to look like we fell in to the London trap, that is we had gone there to see the world and so far all we had seen was London and a small section of France. Not really what we had in mind before we set off on our big voyage. Feeling stuck in a particular city, especially in London during winter feels pretty grim. We needed a kick-start, we had just purchased a car and wanted a light weight tent that could meet the following requirements.

  • Lightweight
  • Capable of four season camping
  • Spacious area where we could get out of the weather
  • very small when packed up
  • Quick to erect
  • Good ventilation
Hilleberg Nallo 2 GT in the Brecon Beacons 2003

Brecon Beacons – Nallo 2 GT

After looking at all the various models available on the market at the time we found that it was down to a Mountain Hardwear, MSR and the Hilleberg. The Hilleberg was the tent that came out for us as the best option so we bought it. With our recently purchased car we decided it was time to head off to the Brecon Beacons in Wales for our first real weekend trip into the country side. It was December, it was Freezing cold and we had picture perfect weather for the entire trip. As it was our first outing it took us a little longer to setup the tent but once it was up we could easily get in side and relax in the annex.  After a good nights sleep with no tent issues the Hilleberg had passed its first test with flying colours. One of the key benefits that we discovered on that first night was the lack of condensation on the inside of the tent. A normal problem with tents in the cold is the condensation from the people breathing inside the tent, it often condenses on the inside and either freezes or runs down the wall into the bottom creating a nice dam feeling. Luckily the Nallo 2 GT did not suffer from that problem like many other tents we had previously owned.


Hilleberg Nallo 2 GT in Russian Winter


The Nallo 2 GT is one of the lightest tents on the market at the time. Generally speaking light tents are not durable and suffer when they are put in contact with any abrasive surfaces. The fabric in this case turns out to be robust and strong after 7 years of considerable use we have no tears, minor seam leakage on the floor and a generally its still in fantastic condition.

We have used the tent in the following environments : Deserts (Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Greek Islands), Rain Forest, European camp sites, Tian Shan Mountains (Kyrgyzstan), Snow (Wales, Russia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan), Heat and Humidity (Turkey), bush and forests of Australia, beaches in Australia and Turkey.


The double sewn seams with sealant has proven to be a winning combination in our case, we have had no leaks in the fly after 7 years of regular use and intensive use. The poles are made from light weight aluminum like many other tents and these proved to be perfectly suited with the elastic internals never loosing their elasticity. The strength of the poles was shown to be extremely good for a tunnel tent. They kept up the tent in the Scottish Highlands with 100km/hr+ winds and sleet, and with a very thick coating of snow in a Russian winter.

More on the snow point. The Nallo 2 GT tent has a fly (outside cover of the tent) that goes right down to the ground. By having the fly go right down to the bottom it reduces the likely hood that the tent will catch the wind or have snow build up between the inside and outside of the tent. This very basic design feature is not quiet like snow flaps but it does provide an excellent balance which has proven to be very useful in the long term for us. Additional benefits from the ventilation means that its quiet easy to get back out when the snow has been pushed against the wall thanks to wind and other environmental factors.


On all of our trips we always used a footprint to keep the floor from wearing out. Overall we have used the tent for more than 250 nights in a very wide and diverse range of environments. As with any good piece of kit if you take care of it, it will take care of you. We washed the tent regularly by hand in the bath or at camp sites with a sponge, but have never had to re-water proof the tent in its 7 year life. The levels of condensation on the inside of this tent are very minimal for the style and construction.

Nallo 2 GT

© Hilleberg Official Image


While I am overall very positive about the Nallo 2 GT there are a few minor issues that we have had over the years. In certain circumstances the outside fly would touch the inside of the tent near our feet. While that doesn’t sound like a big problem if its very wet and your touching the outside it can get a litttle wet on the inside of the tent. For overnight camping that is not a big problem, if you have several days or weeks of wet nights where this situation happens it can become an issue. Often this is caused by the ground not being flat and therefore it is difficult to get enough tension on the guys/pegs. I have also been told by another Nallo 2 GT owner that the more recent versions of the tent have improved in this area. I have voted down the construction slightly for this monitor problem that we have had.


I have to rate the Nallo 2 GT as a fantastic tent in all areas, It’s hard to find the right balance between weight, pack size, durability, colour and internal dimensions. I think that Hilleberg have really pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this tent and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tent that they can use in a wide variety of situations. It’s flexibility is a real winning factor for me. No longer do I need to have a snow tent, summer tent, tropics tent etc.. The hilleberg does them all with relative ease. The annex is HUGE compared to all the other tents that we have found in this category.

Durability: ★★★★½ 

Weight: ★★★★★ 

Construction: ★★★★☆ 

Overall: ★★★★★ 

Product Information

Hilleberg Official Site : Nallo 2 GT